KLONE - neues Album "Le Grand Voyage"

KLONE haben eine erste Single vom kommenden Album "Le Grand Voyage" (VÖ 20.09.) veröffentlicht.

“YONDER tells the story of a quest for peace, to an unknown place, far from everything but which seems familiar. A dreamlike journey between the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. YONDER introduces the album in a progressive way with a heavy and powerful atmosphere, and a massive production. The song opens "Le Grand Voyage" with aplomb, naturally following in the footsteps of Here Comes The Sun. Based on an idea by Yann Ligner, we worked on the video with Arthur Jarry. In order to enjoy the wide-open spaces and for the needs of the clip, we went to shoot in the Bardenas desert in Spain.”

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21. Februar 2020


THE PINEAPPLE THIEF kommen in Oktober und November auf Tour. 

Vorweg soll außerdem ein brandneues Studioalbum auf dem renommierten Post-...

THE ANALOGUES - Let It Be: Abbey Road 2020
20. Februar 2020

THE ANALOGUES - Let It Be: Abbey Road 2020

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