The current issue / eclipsed No. 210 / 05-2019

1969 DIE ZEITENWENDE: Blown dreams, new visions

The dominant theme of the year, despite the fresh wind blowing through the Federal Republic of Germany with the election of Social Democrat Willy Brandt as Chancellor, and despite oppressive news from Vietnam and Ireland, is the landing of the Apollo 11 crew on the moon. On earth the longings of the hippies burst in Altamont at the latest, rock as "Way Of Life" has lost its innocence. On the other hand, rock music is just really taking off, the Krauts are springing up, jazzers are discovering rock, King Crimson is the prog that Zeppelin is circling - new visions for the seventies.

ALAN PARSONS - Magic role backwards

15 years is between A Valid Path and The Secret. His excursion into the electronica realm had not brought any success to the eponym of the Alan Parsons Project, multiple Grammy winner and sound engineer of albums like "Abbey Road" or "The Dark Side Of The Moon". So the Englishman remained silent for a long time as an album artist. Now Parsons returns to the symphonic rock realms for which he is known and loved. But how much can "The Secret" really tear in 2019?

ARCHIVE- Yesterday - Today - Tomorrow

Archives - already in the name of the band hides the everlasting. Now the collective is celebrating a quarter of a century of band history under the motto "25". Almost four hours of archive material in the rearview mirror, the headlights are nevertheless consistently directed forward.

DEVIN TOWNSEND - White Rainbow

The Canadian exceptional musician Devin Townsend presents on his new solo album "Empath" a wicked mix of extreme metal, country, ambient/new age, orchestral and choral compositions and jazz, detached from all stylistic constraints. It is nothing less than a tour de force through the career of the 46-year-old synesthete who perceives "Empath" as an iridescent white album.

Szenereport: ROCK AND PSYCHEDELIC FROM TURKEY - Sound enjoyment from the Bosporus

The rock scene in Turkey is almost unknown in German-speaking countries. Since the late sixties, an independent variety of contemporary music has developed there, whose exotic, even psychedelic charm lies precisely in the mix of tradition and modernity.

GONG - Eternal return

With their second work after the death of band founder Daevid Allen, the new Gong have to show their colours. Will the heirs manage to keep the Space Continuum, created in 1967, alive? Together with their frontman and guitarist Kavus Torabi we go on a little philosophical journey around the new trippy album "The Universe Also Collapses". To say it to Timothy Leary: Turn On! Tune In! Drop Out!

GROBSCHNITT - "Acoustic Party" - Comeback on three guitars

A big hit for rough-cut fans: Original guitarist Lupo returns to German stages together with singer Willi Wildschwein and his son Nuki! For the first time, rough-cut classics will be heard in a purely acoustic version. After the "Last Party" tour in 1989, Lupo announced the end of Grobschnitt: "We disappear into the universe, but sometimes the universe releases something again." Now, rough-cut particles in non-electrified form.

JORDAN RUDESS - Insanely active

Jordan Rudess also leads a life away from Dream Theater. The keyboard player is a real workhorse. When he's not in the Prog Metal pioneers' class, he tinkers with his own material and records it. If necessary also parallel to his obligations with the band. Now Rudess has released his 14th studio album "Wired For Madness", with which he again enters unknown territory.

WHITESNAKE - Of flesh and blood

Whitesnakes studio album number 13 will be released on May 10th. Originally it was announced for 2017/18. Problems with the studio as well as illnesses and OPs of David Coverdale led to the delay. But the waiting was worth it: "Flesh & Blood" should be an absolute listening pleasure for sworn fans of the band.

PRISTINE - Out of the cold store

With the new album "Road Back To Ruin" Pristine's musical diversity has returned. After the somewhat too cool album "Ninja" (2017), recorded in just one day, the Norwegian retroro rockers continue here mainly as we had learned to appreciate them on "Reboot" (2016): with that warm-hearted, sweaty blues-soaked hard rock that makes Heidi Solheim and her boys one of the model bands of the genre.

RHYS MARSH - Creative press contractions

The birth of his first child was a dramatic experience for crossover progmusician Rhys Marsh in many ways. On "October After All", the new album of the Englishman, who lives in Norway, prominent musical guests and unusual optimistic tones can be heard.

With Talk Talks MARK HOLLIS someone died who could not be bent

At the beginning of the 1980s there were a lot of bands that went through a rapid development within a very short time. Examples are XTC, Prefab Sprout, The The or Julian Cope: artists who don't just deliver nice chart food, wear the latest fashion and are easy to market, but develop their own ideas and rebel in a creative way.

Jeff Beck's bass woman TAL WILKENFELD sails under her own flag

"Love Remains" is such a mature work that it's hard to believe that it's the debut of the 32-year-old Australian: "Debut is basically true, although I released my first album under my name twelve years ago" It was called "Transformation" and was an instrumental fusion album. Tal Wilkenfeld had packed her things in Sydney a few years earlier as a teenager and had entered the jazz scene of New York City via Los Angeles.

After eight years Fates Warning co-founders JOHN ARCH and JIM MATHEOS release their second album

The lives of Jim Matheos and John Arch have developed very differently over the past three and a half decades. While Matheos has been touring the world and releasing albums since the mid-1980s as guitarist for the prog metal band Fates Warning, the singer Arch still works full-time as a carpenter.

KRISSY MATTHEWS wrestles with his very own demons on his latest blues rock work

I catch Krissy Matthews, 26 year old English-Norwegian guitarist and singer, on his mobile phone on the motorway just before he boarded the ferry from England to Germany. I myself am standing with my car on a supermarket parking lot in Frankfurt. Matthews is on his way to Bonn. In the local club Harmonie the "Rockpalast" will record a concert of his solo band for the "Crossroads" series on 21 March.

BRUCE HORNSBY goes on a tightrope walk between film music, pop and modern classics

Since his million-seller "The Way It Is" (1986) and "Scenes From The Southside" (1988) the singer and pianist Bruce Hornsby has developed into a musical chameleon. In addition to a one-and-a-half-year guest appearance with Grateful Dead, the man from Williamsburg in Virginia has been releasing Americana, jazz and bluegrass records since the nineties. His most recent work "Absolute Zero" is largely based on so-called "cues", short, functional pieces of music for films by his buddy Spike Lee, to whose strip "Clockers" he contributed the duet "Love Me Still" together with Chaka Khan in 1995.

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