The current issue / eclipsed No. 214 / 10-2019

OPETH - The best comes to the end

When Opeth dissolve, a void shall arise. That's what bandleader Mikael Åkerfeldt wants. And he knows that the best way to end his career is with a masterpiece. "In Cauda Venenum" would do justice to such a farewell - and yet it is rather a new beginning. For the first time in their almost 30-year history Opeth release an album in Swedish. Although their origins lie in Death Metal, the band has long since become one of the most influential acts in contemporary progressive rock.

IQ - The Power of Inner Resistance

These days, the British neo-prog institution IQ is releasing its twelfth studio work. "Resistance", a double album with several longtracks, combines all the strengths of the band and illustrates the high relevance it still has after almost 40 years of existence.

KLONE - Station to Station

With "Here Comes The Sun", the French progressive metal band Klone 2015 was positioned between The Pineapple Thief and Anathema. With her successor "Unplugged" two years later she struck even quieter notes. "Le Grand Voyage" now convincingly combines both approaches.

ELOY - Gimme Hope Jo'anna

Jeanne d'Arc's passion moves the minds and fantasies of artists of various colours to this day. With "The Vision, The Sword And The Pyre (Part II)", the Eloy mastermind Frank Bornemann presents the final part of his rock opera about the French national saint. For the most ambitious project in the 50-year history of the Hanover-based art rock band, the singer and guitarist has bundled his musical powers. eclipsed visited the 74-year-old in the studio.

MILES DAVIS - Rubber twist

The name Miles Davis is inseparably linked to albums like "Bitches Brew" or "Kind Of Blue". In his highly innovative oeuvre, the stylistically open jazz trumpeter reinvented himself time and again. Naturally, he did not always meet the expectations placed in him. 34 years after the recording and 28 years after Davis' death his album "Rubberband" is now released, which stylistically sits between all chairs and to which you can dance damn well.

IGGY POP - "Let them all fuck off"

He's secured his pension. So Iggy Pop treats himself to an excursion into avant-garde and jazz filmes. His new album "Free" is an escape from the animal rocker, whom he has been giving since the end of the sixties as convincingly as no other. And at the same time it is a flawless "piss off!" towards its critics.

ROSALIE CUNNINGHAM - The good side of bankruptcy

Rosalie Cunningham has come through a difficult economic period. From an artistic point of view, however, this phase was a gain. At the end of it is the great album "Rosalie Cunningham". His unique mixture of Psychedelic Rock, Prog, Beatles-Pop and Folk has a tremendous fascination. eclipsed got the author on the phone at four in the afternoon. There she was, crawling straight out of bed and still tired. But the 29-year-old Englishwoman spoke willingly about her odyssey.

MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST - Another feast meal

Once ex-UFO Michael Schenker has bitten his teeth into a topic, he won't let up. This applies to the bashing of his brother Rudolf as well as to his musical projects. When Niedersachsen released a studio album in 2018 under the signet Michael Schenker Fest with four former MSG and Temple-Of-Rock shouters, this could have been interpreted as a unique project. But Troubadour had fun with it and on "Revelation" he added Rainbow frontman Ronnie Romero to the band.

KADAVAR - Horror Trip

The Stoner psychedelic rockers Kadavar set out with "For The Dead Travel Fast" to teach their fans fear. So they went especially to Romania to have themselves photographed for the album cover in front of the "Dracula Castle" and used old scary films as sources of inspiration for music and lyrics. eclipsed spoke with drummer Christoph "Tiger" Bartelt about the latest developments in the group.

BLACK STAR RIDERS - "Replacement band" with a life of its own

Founded in 2012 as a "label" for the creative output of some of Thin Lizzy's remaining members, the Black Star Riders have long since developed into an independent band. Out of respect for the late singer and composer Phil Lynott, who died in 1986 as a result of his long consumption of alcohol and drugs, no new albums were released under his old name.

With "The Liberation" DISILLUSION once again prove themselves to be one of the most true bands in Germany

"It just had to feel right again", explains Andy Schmidt, guitarist, singer and head of Disillusion, when asked why 13 years had to go by before the Leipzig progressive metal band could finish their third longplayer "The Liberation". "In 2010/11 I had already finished a rough album, but to be honest my body went on strike. On a private level, after the last album 'Gloria' in 2004, children have been added, and also professionally a lot has changed, so that the focus could understandably no longer be completely on the music..."

EARTHWORKS - Journey through life

There are not many drummers who have shaped rock history as comprehensively as the Englishman Bill Bruford. With his powerful polyrhythmic drumming he made decisive contributions in bands like Yes or King Crimson, he played briefly for Genesis and Gong and was involved in the formation of the supergroup U.K.. In 1979 he founded his own band Bruford and in 1986 Earthworks, with which he was to play for two decades. The work of Earthworks is now being honoured with a major retrospective.

MARS RED SKY extend again the language range of the Stonerrock

Since its foundation in 2007, the French trio Mars Red Sky has not been tamed within the limits of stoner rock. This was evident on their self-titled debut of 2011 as well as on the following albums "Stranded In Arcadia" (2014) and "Apex III (Praise For The Burning Soul)" (2016) and is now confirmed on the latest output "The Task Eternal", which can be a violent doom but also offers countless elegant and smoldering passages.

The buddies Brett William Kull and JD Beck found their sound language as RISE TWAIN

We agreed on a telephone interview with Brett William Kull of Rise Twain. This is also happening as planned. Surprisingly, singer JD Beck is also in the lead. The friends from Philadelphia throw themselves the balls in a good mood, and so an entertaining conversation develops about their common music project, Jeff Buckley, friendship and the right timing.

Blues guitarist LAURENCE JONES reflects on his band's strengths on his new album

In 2016 Laurence Jones, a nimble guitar finger of only 27, was inducted into the Blues Hall Of Fame. He has been on stage with the greats of the genre such as Van Morrison, Buddy Guy and Eric Burdon. Is a new Joe Bonamassa growing up here? His new album, simply titled "Laurence Jones Band", convinces with its stylistic openness, which goes far beyond the pure blues.

The music community LORD'S FAMILY receives a late tribute after almost five decades

The idea came from across the Atlantic: young women and men of all skin colors, musicians, students, pupils, apprentices and young workers, many with Christian backgrounds, looked for ways of life beyond the affluent society in the countryside - such hippie communities were motivated above all by the film "Easy Rider" and the Woodstock Festival. One of them, Lord's Family from the Upper Bavarian Beilngries, now receives a late appreciation: Sireena Records released the 10-inch disc "Innere Musik" with six titles, which were created in the collective's domicile, a hunting lodge in the Altmühl valley.

The Bremen band EYEVORY has given their album "Aurora" a special polish

Almost three years have passed since the release of Eyevorys concept album "Inphantasia". An eventful and productive time for the progband from Bremen, as singer and bassist Jana Frank reports: "We have had a new drummer for one and a half years, this time a permanent one, which feels very good. Previously we had many changes, had to adjust again and again. Now the chair stands on four legs again." For one year the group has been working on new material.

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