All you need is L.O.V.E. - Ex-Panikorchester-Guitarist PAUL VINCENT is on the road as messenger of love

26. March 2015

Paul Vincent Panikorchester

All you need is L.O.V.E. - Ex-Panikorchester-Guitarist PAUL VINCENT is on the road as messenger of love

Paul Vincent is a German rock rock. Active since the sixties, he has moved from early involvement in beat bands (Park Lane) and psychedelic bands (Missus Beastly) to professional work as a studio musician. Through contacts to Keith Forsey, Klaus Doldinger and Olaf Kübler, he was quickly integrated into the music scenes of Munich and Hamburg and was a member of Udo Lindenberg's Panic Orchestra from 1975 to 1980. After that he played Meat Loaf's "Bad Attitude" and Freddie Mercury's "Mr. Bad Guy". From the wool Kriwanek Band, to which he belonged for years, Vincent Rocks developed after Kriwanek's death in 2003. Paul Vincent has now presented the four CD box "L.O.V.E." under his own name.

eclipsed: What does the title "L.O.V.E." refer to?

Paul Vincent: Of course to the Beatles, but not just to this boy-meets-girl-hormonding, but to the actual message. Just look at our world. At the end of the last millennium, people thought everything would go better. Then came 9/11, the Iraq war, new dictatorships, turbo capitalism, Islamism, Pegida. Meanwhile everything is even more disorderly than before, because there are no more manageable power blocks. Now there is guerilla on every level. We Europeans let refugees drown in the Mediterranean Sea. As an old hippie, I felt the need to reawaken the theme of love, as my idols had done. Love for others, for nature, for the defenceless. Without a particular fixed religion. Love is not destructive, but there's not enough love in the world. There's too much about social media, self-expression and narcissism these days. It's getting on my nerves. I tried to catch that in the play Peace On Earth. My heart's bleeding.

eclipsed: How did it come to this creativity boost, after all there are 71 new songs on "L.O.V.E."?

Vincent: I spend most of my time composing and recording television music. This puts me in the luxurious position of being able to spend as much time as I want in my own recording studio. With my sound engineer Stephan Wissnet I always recorded new songs on Thursdays. It'll take two, three years to get something together.

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