BENT KNEE - Moving into the third dimension

11. July 2017

Bent Knee

BENT KNEE - Moving into the third dimension

Courtney Swain had already indicated it a few weeks before the interview with eclipsed: "Land Animal" sounds straighter than its three predecessors. However, a commercial sale has by no means taken place. Instead, the album is overflowing with original ideas - and the fact that one or the other chorus stays in your memory faster is by no means a disadvantage.

eclipsed: Your second album "Shiny Eyed Babies" hit German progfans like a bomb. How has your life as a musician changed since then?

Courtney Swain: Well, it took us three or four years to put Shiny Eyed Babies together. For the first time we learned what PR work means - that you have to wait after finishing an album to get as much attention as possible. With the next two albums we needed much less time and we learned a lot about the music business. In the meantime we have matured musically and emotionally enormously. "Land Animal" reflects this, the album is looser and no longer about life killing you. (laughs)

eclipsed: Last year you performed for the first time in Germany, at the "Burg Herzberg Festival"...

Swain: That was an incredible event. We played pretty much at the beginning, but there were already a few thousand people, and those who stood in front even sang along. It was really surreal, because we've been on tour since 2011, and suddenly we played in front of more people than in the first three years together!

eclipsed: Meanwhile you are under contract with InsideOut. Has this made a dream come true for you?

Swain: You could say that. Our biggest goal is to reach as many people as possible with our music, and InsideOut know exactly how the music industry works and how important videos and social media are. If we didn't have great videos, we'd be missing a lot of listeners.

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