BLUES PILLS - Everybody's Darling

27. June 2014

Blues Pills

BLUES PILLS - Everybody's Darling

For quite some time now Blues Pills have been an absolute favourite with critics. This is mainly due to the two front men. Elin Larsson, the Swedish singer, has an organ that goes to her heart's content - and to the men, even to other regions, if you listen to the urinal pool conversations during and after a Blues Pills gig. But the woman is not only an eye-catcher, her soulful voice, which is often compared to that of Janis Joplin or Inga Rumpf, gives the band a lot of leeway. This is also extended by the second main player, Dorian Sorriaux.

The guitarist has just outgrown his teenage years and yet is as confident as the free guitarist Paul Kossoff, who was about the same age at the time. Further comparison coordinates are certainly ex-Frumpy guitarist Rainer Baumann and Jimmy Page. Anyone who sees the young Frenchman live will be amazed at how naturally the licks seem to flow from his fingers. Larsson and Sorriaux can rely on an absolutely solid rhythm base with Iowa-born Cory Berry on drums and Zack Anderson on bass. When the two half-brothers, who previously played at Radio Moscow, met Elin Larsson, it was the nucleus of Blues Pills. They came across Sorriaux - very contemporary - through a YouTube video.

eclipsed: In this festival season you can hardly get past the Blues Pills in Europe. Do you feel especially comfortable at festivals or is that part of the campaign to bring the band forward?

Zack Anderson: I would say something of both. What could be better for a rock fan than seeing some great bands outside in great weather and drinking some beers with your buddies? And since we're at some really well cast festivals, a lot of people see us, who wouldn't spend the money for a single show of us at the moment. That's how we can really make ourselves known. Providing we catch a good day.

eclipsed: And you're in the right musical environment.

Anderson: You play at the many metal and hard rock festivals we play at. First of all we are not only there, as "Freak Valley", the "Burg Herzberg Festival" or "Krach am Bach" prove, but also at festivals where we take care of the rather quiet sounds. The reason is that our company Nuclear Blast has its core competence in this area, and the Booker also has good contacts in this direction. But I really think we're being very well received by these people. I already have the impression that they understand and like our music.

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