GOV'T MULE - Pink Floyd and all the others

20. January 2015

Gov´t Mule

GOV'T MULE - Pink Floyd and all the others

An institution in America, Gov't Mule are still an insider tip in Germany. The band has been around for twenty years. But anyone who knows her knows that she has two identities. It now takes this fact into account with a special CD series. This raises the question: Gov't Mule and Pink Floyd - does that work together? Quite as Gov't Mule show on their latest release "The Dark Side Of The Mule".

Have you ever visited the website? There you can download almost every concert of Gov't Mule in excellent quality. The quartet around the heavyweight guitarist Warren Haynes is one of the best-documented groups in rock history, if not completely available. Mostly Gov't Mule (pronounced: Government Mule) play their own rich repertoire, but every year at Halloween and New Year's Eve they delight their fans with so-called Special Projects. Much of it can only be found digitally on their website, some of it is also released on CD.

On the occasion of the band's twentieth anniversary, Gov't Mule will now make a number of these projects accessible to a wider public. The first is the triple CD "The Dark Side Of The Mule", a recording of the Halloween evening 2008. The first CD consists of Mule originals, the others contain exclusively Floyd material. As an offshoot of the Allman Brothers Band, Gov't Mule are in the tradition of blues, jazz and harder rock. Pink Floyd have established themselves at the other end of the intelligent rock spectrum. It is far from obvious that Gov't Mule should take care of the complete works of the English.

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