GRAVEYARD - Three-Crown Rock of the Heavy Regents

23. September 2015


GRAVEYARD - Three-Crown Rock of the Heavy Regents

Graveyard are regarded as masters of well-hung bluesy heavy rock. With their second album "Hisingen Blues" four years ago, they made people listen to them internationally for the first time. Even though the quartet didn't act on the level of this Brocken album anymore with the record "Lights Out" in 2012, they have been counted among the elite of retro bands ever since.

Together with bassist Rikard Eklund, with whom he had previously played in the musically more playful bands Norrsken and Albatross, albatross drummer Axel Sjöberg and guitarist Truls Mörck, Nilsson founded the band in 2006. The following year, even before the self-titled debut album was recorded, Graveyard and Mörck parted ways, followed by Jonatan Larocca-Ramm. On the new album "Innocence & Decadence" Mörck returns to the band as bass player, but Eklund has now said goodbye.

eclipsed: A record by the English band Dogs D'Amour is called "A Graveyard Of Empty Bottles". Not only the English, but also the Swedes are considered to be a people who are very fond of alcohol. Would such an album title be an option for you?

Joakim Nilsson: Maybe for a side project. For the Dogs such a title was often a program. They were, I think, sometimes glad that they made it on stage without an accident. Graveyard also likes to celebrate, but we take our music and our fans so seriously that we don't start until after the gig at the earliest.

eclipsed: Your new record is called "Innocence & Decadence". What's the matter with you?

Nilsson: The line comes from a song from the album, "The Apple And The Tree". Ultimately, we chose the title for phonetic reasons. I just think it sounds good.

eclipsed: So musically it has no deeper meaning?

Nilsson: Okay, as a band you always start innocently and it ends decadently. (laughs)

eclipsed: So a trace of Dogs D'Amour after all?

Nilsson: Or Mötley Crüe. No, all I'm saying now is that I'm pulling my hair out.

eclipsed: It's the first album without Rikard Eklund, your childhood friend. The reason for his resignation must be a valid one.

Nilsson: It was his decision to leave the band. He didn't feel comfortable musically in Graveyard anymore. That's all I want to say.

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