QUEENSRŸCHE - Again in the feel-good zone

23. September 2015


QUEENSRŸCHE - Again in the feel-good zone

Drummer Scott Rockenfield answered our questions at the end of July before the performance at the Turock in Essen, while guitarist Michael Wilton a few weeks later swaggered at the Dortmund headquarters of his record company Century Media about his regained musical freedom. Wilton was very focused and always steered the conversation towards the new album, but when asked about Geoff Tate he seemed a bit dogged, whereas Rockenfield wished his ex-bandleader all the best.

eclipsed: What do you like most at the moment as a member of Queensrÿche?

Scott Rockenfield: Such gigs as two days ago in Aschaffenburg or today in Essen. We go on stage without a great concept, just play ten, twelve songs from our back catalogue plus a track from the first album with Todd [La Torre; singer] and a brand new track from "Condition Hüman". It's fun for us and the audience. I feel like I'm 25 again. It's a great feeling.

eclipsed: With Geoff Tate's successor Todd La Torre the band feeling is back?

Michael Wilton: We're pulling together again, and I'm having fun writing songs for Queensrÿche again. I've always written music for Queensrÿche, but my compositions didn't fit Geoff's concepts very well. He also wanted a guitar sound that I didn't like.

eclipsed: Do you know the album "Frequency Unknown" that Geoff released under the name Queensrÿche alone almost simultaneously with your "Queensrÿche" album?

Rockenfield: Yes, but I don't want to comment on it.

Wilton: I didn't care.

eclipsed: Are you satisfied with the agreement that you can now continue alone under the name Queensrÿche and that Geoff has the name and performing rights for "Operation: Mindcrime"?

Wilton: For the fans it was sometimes strange to distinguish between us as Queensrÿche and Geoff with hired musicians. So the solution is good. We don't necessarily have to play "Operation: Mindcrime", that was never my thing anyway.

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