SPOCK'S BEARD - End of the conversion work

23. September 2015

Spock´s Beard

SPOCK'S BEARD - End of the conversion work

Spock's Beard are a band in flux. Without a doubt, singer/guitarist Ted Leonard, known as a member of Enchant, has also played a big part in the new Beardsound. Since joining the band in 2011, he has integrated himself perfectly. In an interview with eclipsed, the family father, who sang in several church choirs as a child and, like Neal Morse, is deeply religious, talks about his role within the group, the creation of the new album and possible anniversary activities.

eclipsed: Three years ago Spock's Beard celebrated a triumphant German comeback at the "Night Of The Prog". The group introduced you as the new lead singer. Did you have the feeling that with the following CD "Brief Nocturnes And Dreamless Sleep" you were immediately accepted as the new frontman, or did it take some convincing?

Ted Leonard: The reactions were largely positive. Either the people were satisfied with the change of cast or they were polite enough not to rub it in my face. (laughs) Of course there were comments like "I miss Neal Morse" or "I miss Nick D'Virgilio" on some social media platforms and on YouTube. But I have full understanding for that, I miss both of them too.

eclipsed: Was it helpful for you to have appeared with Enchant several times in Spock's Beard's prelude before replacing D'Virgilio?

Leonard: That was certainly helpful. The "Night Of The Prog" was then the first gig where I could say: "Now I'm a part of Spock's Beard". I've played with the band several times before [including 2011 at the "High Voltage Festival" in London; note] and had expected more criticism, but nothing came of it. At the upcoming concerts I will also be more involved as a keyboarder. Ryo Okumoto sent me sheet music because he can't play everything on his own. Since I'm not good at leaf reading, I prefer it if he just plays things to me - I usually hear what I have to do.

eclipsed: Your new CD is called "The Oblivion Particle". Sounds like a scientific phenomenon.

Leonard: I don't think there is a phenomenon with that name, but some people have suspected that it is the opposite of the God particle. On the CD are with "A Better Way To Fly" and "Bennett Built A Time Machine" two titles that have a more scientific vibe. Therefore the album title fits well.

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