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"The book not only evaluates every single record of the artists. She also rates every single song on it. The authors demonstrate pleasing expertise. [...] Can a book about rock afford more? No! (Frankfurter Rundschau)

"One of the greatest rock encyclopedias of the last few years, the esteemed colleagues from the prog magazine 'eclipsed' have been blasting into our music rooms." (Rock Hard)

"A high-quality book at an amazingly low price. [...] An absolute must for friends of rock music from the 60s to the 80s."

"...this book is pure skirt for the eyes!" (Rock Times)

"What a title - and what a theme. [...] The continuously illustrated book provides information on every act, including critical evaluation [...] even every studio album of the mentioned sizes is discussed. Timeline graphs illustrate the chronology of events, so you really get a solid overview of what happened here, when and where." (Guitar & Bass) "There's no question about it, there's currently no reference book even close to comparable, without doubt you can access it without hesitation." (Good Times)

"The colleagues of 'eclipsed' take a close look at the first 20 artists and bands in the first volume. With journalistic meticulousness, complete discographies as well as background information are compiled, which will delight even experts with one or two surprises. As a large-format reference book, 'Rock' should find its venerable place right next to the house's own (vinyl) record collection." (SLAM)

"This looks like a work of the century, what the makers of the music magazine eclipsed have put together!" (Fränkische Nachrichten)

"The makers of the prog magazine 'eclipsed' have created a neat rock encyclopedia in this chunk full of facts (and opinions): 20 groups and musicians are presented in the beautifully illustrated and extremely high-quality first part." (Rocks)

"The authors have cleverly tried to secure their verdict. Each album is ranked on a quality scale, each song is rated [...] Great full-page live photos complete the fun." (Darmstädter Echo)