The Art Of Sysyphus Vol. 109

16. June 2020


1. DEEP PURPLE - Man Alive (5:32) Album
: Whoosh! (2020) (Release: 07.08.) Label/Distribution
: earMusic/

The second pre-single of the new DEEP PURPLE album "Whoosh!", which will be released on August 7th, is very fragile at times. Vocalist Ian Gillan is also present as narrator. In the overall context of the album the song shows the band's still existing joy of experimentation.

2. MAGENTA - A Gift From God (8:26) Album
: Masters Of Illusion (2020) (Release: 02.07.) Label/Distribution
: Tigermoth/Just For Kicks

Never before has MAGENTA, the Welsh band around vocalist Christina Booth, been so consistently proggy as on this album. This album is teeming with wonderful melodies and inspiring ideas in a sound space of symphonic prog, folk and art rock. Mike Oldfield meets Genesis and Pink Floyd - a heavenly listening pleasure

3. DREAMHOUSE - Shining through the darkness (8:54)

Album: In Oculis Meis (2CD) (2020) Label/Distribution
: Progressive Promotion

The grand finale of the new TRAUMHAUS album, which is available in an English version for the first time. In keeping with the current social themes of the lyrics, the music is harder than ever, but still has the typical dream house sound, which is characterized by Alexander Weyland's distinctive voice.

4. LOUISE PATRICIA CRANE - Ophelia (4:48) Album
: Deep Blue (2020) Label/Distribution
: Peculiar Doll/Soulfood

On her debut work "Deep Blue", British artist LOUISE PATRICIA CRANE manages a convincing balancing act between artpop, artrock and dreampop, revealing an affinity for Kate Bush and the Cocteau Twins. The atmospheric ballad "Ophelia" features Ian Anderson (fl) and Jakko Jakszyk (voc) as guests.

5. SHAMAN ELEPHANT - Magnets (3:55) Album
: Wide Awake But Still Asleep (2020) Label/Distribution
: Karisma/Soulfood Wonderfully

honest, alternative retro-rock/prog, which can be a bit rougher, but always has something ingratiating about it. The Norwegians SHAMAN ELEPHANT invite you to a journey of long suspense, feverish riffs and a lot of groove. Motorpsycho and the late anecdotes serve as a reference for an all-round successful album.

6. MOVING OOS - The Robinson Hood (4:18) Album
: Made From Sin (2020) Label/Distribution
: Crispin Glover/Soulfood

Fat Seventies retro sound! There Rare Earth go pregnant with the Black Crowes, dance psych-hippies back to the Age Of Aquarius. Who loves the funky 70s will take this album of the MOVING OOS to their heart. "The Robinson Hood" features ecstatic electric guitar and great gospel-like harmony choirs. A celebration!

7. NEUMATIC PARLO - Opto Optics In Consciousness (3:59) Album
: All Purpose Slicer (EP) (2020) Label/Distribution
: Unique/The Orchard/Membran

NEUMATIC PARLO from Düsseldorf cause a stir with their first EP. It reveals a feverish rock mix from the Doors, soundtrack qualities of a David Lynch film and charming (post-)punk attitude. "Opto Optics In Consciousness" effectively combines a sluggish rhythm with neococcal ecstasy.

8. WIGHT - Motorgroove (5:55) Album
: Spank The World (2020) Label/Distribution
: CD: Fat&Holy/Zebralution, LP: Kozmik Artifactz/

On their fourth album, the Darmstadt band WIGHT presents a furious mix of rock, soul, funk and jazz rock. This is lively and cool. There is one great groove after the other. The melodies are brimming with hooklines and the solos are also convincing. And also the one or other surprise is there.

9. ALAN J. BOUND - Starcraft 5 (4:58) Album
: Cosmology (2020) Label/Distribution
: Alan J. Bound/

He likes the offworld synthesizer sound, all the riffs, the sci-fi stories. ALAN J. BOUND from Cologne is a big space rock fan. And that's exactly what he immortalized on the album he released in 2010 and has now re-released. Also immortalized here is the drumming of Jaki Liebezeit.

10. LEMURIAN FOLK SONGS - Firelake (9:39) Album
: Logos (2020) Label/Distribution
: Tonzonen/Soulfood

Lemur folk songs are certainly not what the Hungarian band LEMURIAN FOLK SONGS presents on their second official album. Rather, the six tracks on "Logos" are a mixture of stoner rock, psychedelic, independent and blues, with deeper passages, but also with repetitive structures.