CD Sampler: The Art of Sysyphus 120

21. August 2022


1. ARENA - Time Capsule (5:31)
Album: The Theory Of Molecular Inheritance (2022)
Label/Distribution: Verglas/Just For Kicks

This album is a statement of the integrative power of prog. Those who appreciate tasteful keyboards and expressive vocals alone will not get past this album by the band around Clive Nolan and newcomer Damian Wilson. After the snappy aperitif "Time Capsule", the main course leaves hardly anything to be desired.

2. KING BUFFALO - Avalon (6:17)
Album: Regenerator (2022)
Label/Distribution: Stickman/Soulfood

The third Pandemie album of the current stoner/psych/progressive high-flyers KING BUFFALO also contains everything that made the New Yorkers stand out on their last albums. The feeling for catchy vocal melodies and igniting licks and riffs is also evident in "Avalon" presented here, including a synth solo.

3. BIRTH - Descending Us (edit) (4:59)
Album: Born (2022)
Label/Distribution: Bad Omen/Soulfood

Great retroprog of the atmospheric variety, sometimes darker, by ex-members of the band Astra. Mellotron, organ and lead guitar signatures in the vein of Pink Floyd, Barclay James Harvest, Deep Purple and King Crimson. "Descending Us" is a deep bow to the role models, but by no means plagiarism.

4. WIRED WAYS - Peacock On The Highway (4:13)
Album: Wired Ways (2022)
Label/Distribution: Waterfall/Broken Silence

A big surprise, the debut of this, hard to believe, German band. As if the Beatles, after their psychedelic masterpiece "Sgt. Pepper", had evolved further in the direction of prog and Canterbury. As smart, epic as it is original. "Peacock On The Highway" fits perfectly into this journey through time.

5. THE SHADOW LIZZARDS - Ricochet (4:59)
Album: Someone's Heartache (2022)
Label/Distribution: Tonzonen/Soulfood

The Franconian rock trio makes a huge leap forward. In terms of atmosphere absolutely authentic, it enriches its Doors-heavy 70s rock with stronger psychedelic-floyd ingredients and has taken a lot of time for songwriting. "Ricochet" sways again with the Doors in the "next whiskey bar".

6. YOUNG FAST RUNNING MAN - Hail To Today (4:37)
Album: Off To The Moon (2022)
Label/Distribution: Slash Zero/Slash Zero

YOUNG FAST RUNNING MAN from Landshut play handmade folk rock on "Off To The Moon", which is made for long highway trips. Occasionally the hardness screw is tightened a bit ("Like Stones In The Sea"). "Hail To Today" reveals catchy qualities.

7. DUDLEY TAFT - Black And Blues (4:54)
Album: Guitar Kingdom (2022)
Label/Distribution: American Blues Artist Group

DUDLEY TAFT convinces with "Black And Blues" with a Stevie Ray Vaughan touch. The midtempo blues rock song he brings over as usual earthy - and with a tricky but melodic solo he puts the crown on it. A track that makes you look forward to Taft's upcoming album "Guitar Kingdom".

8. CORKY LAING - Whatcha Doin? (feat. Maria Hänninen & Conny Bloom) (3:36)
Album: Finnish Sessions (2022)
Label/Distribution: On Stage/Timezone

Three years after the "Toledo Sessions", ex-Mountain drummer CORKY LAING has released the "Finnish Sessions". These were created, among others, with the strong-voiced singer Maria Hänninen (Mount Mary) and the guitarist Conny Bloom (Electric Boys), who can be heard on the crisp single "Whatcha Doin?

9. THE BLACK ANGELS - Without A Trace (4:08)
Album: Wilderness Of Mirrors (2022)
Label/Distribution: Partisan/PIAS/Rough Trade

Inspired by what singer and bassist Alex Maas describes as the "general madness happening in the world," Black Angels embark on a new, raw, psychedelic sonic journey five years after their last album. The unaffected opener "Without A Trace" makes it clear where the trip is going.

10. BILLY HOWERDEL - Selfish Hearts (2:51)
Album: What Normal Was (2022)
Label/Distribution: Alchemy/Rise/ADA/Warner

The opener of the first solo album of A PERFECT CIRCLE mastermind BILLY HOWERDEL is representative for a ten-song parcous, which is emphatically mystical and spherical. It combines TripHop with 80s Pop and Gothic Rock and shines with strong melodies and euphoric guitar solos.