DOOL bring their own musical heaven to life

1. April 2020


DOOL erwecken ihr eigenes musikalisches Himmelreich zum Leben

"I know you will wait for me - here now, there then", Ryanne van Dorst muses in "Ode To The Future", a track from her new album "Summerland", and thus makes direct reference to the highly praised Dool debut in 2017. van Dorst emphasizes that the successor is a greatness in its own right and has nothing to do with the first album. Nevertheless it is a sequel, the next logical step. On "Here Now, There Then" the guitarist and singer dealt with the theme of time, or rather: timelessness. Now it becomes "spaceless". She completes "Ode To The Future": "I'll meet you in the summerland."

"Summerland is everywhere and nowhere," Van Dorst explains. "I have read a lot about duality, heaven and hell. Dante's Inferno, for example, and Richard Matheson's 'What Dreams May Come'." In the latter there is the term "summerland" - a pagan concept of the beyond: "In this pagan heaven everything is as you want it to be - heaven: not as God sees it, not as the church sees it, but as the ego sees it Van Dorst considered what is heavenly for her and how she can experience these things in the now instead of waiting until death. As examples fall: Sex, drugs, meditation, magic. "How to achieve otherworldly ecstasy I think this is a good maxim in life. Summerland' is the evocation of the afterlife into reality. Especially the theme song and the artwork give a pretty good idea of how I imagine life after death."

Dool - Wolf Moon [official music video]

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