Even after a heart attack Ton Scherpenzeel still feels like KAYAK

4. May 2021


Auch nach einem Herzinfarkt verspürt Ton Scherpenzeel noch immer Lust auf KAYAK

Ton Scherpenzeel can't let it go. The 68-year-old is a musician through and through, neither Corona nor a heart attack, which he suffered in October 2019, stops him. For 49 years now (with a long break between 1981 and 1999) he has been the boss of Kayak, arguably the most important Dutch prog rock band besides Focus. Whereas: he would disagree with the last sentence, because he says: "We could play a concert exclusively with prog music, yes. But we are not a prog band. That would only be half the truth."

He should know, because since the death of drummer Pim Koopman, Scherpenzeel is the sole boss and the last remaining Kayak founding member, something like the Dutch Mick Box. The new album "Out Of This World", the band's 18th studio work, released on May 7, underlines his statement. Kayak offer 15 new songs, which sometimes dock to prog, but are so diverse that they should not only appeal to prog fans. Keyboarder Scherpenzeel, who also played with Camel and is known in the Netherlands as an avid musical composer, wrote everything single-handedly, as usual ...


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