Even Corona can't shake the newcomers of IVY GOLD on their debut

4. May 2021

Ivy Gold

Auch Corona kann die Newcomer von IVY GOLD bei ihrem Debüt nicht erschüttern

"We didn't actually plan to make an album, and certainly not to make it this big," says singer Manou, still seeming a bit baffled when it comes to why and how the rather private project with husband Sebastian Eder, ex-guitarist of prog-metallers Avalon, eventually turned into a band with a remarkable line-up and the debut "Six Dusty Winds". "We started writing together and eventually these ten, twelve songs were ready. Which we also wanted to record, but more or less just for us. Sebastian then pre-produced the songs. Because we both always have high standards, the whole thing should be well recorded." So it made sense to ask a proven star drummer with Grammy-winning production skills: "We both listen to a lot of Joe Bonamassa; at that time we often played something from Rock Candy Funk Party, a joint project of him and Tal Bergman, who is active there as a drummer and producer. We thought Tal would be just the right guy and contacted him, very profanely, via his homepage. He actually went for it, we sent him songs - and luckily he liked them."

Tal Bergman, who has worked with showstoppers like B. B. King, Roger Daltry, Simple Minds, Sammy Hagar and Billy Idol, was on board; he was joined by American bassist Kevin Moore (Jennifer Rush, Titus Turner) and Swedish, U.K.-based keyboardist Anders OIinder (Glenn Hughes, Peter Gabriel). Manou visited Bergman in L.A. for recording and video shoots, and the Eders also met bassist Moore in Munich. Olinder contributed his parts from the UK. By March 2020, the album was ready, ten blues rock tracks spiced with elements of soul, funk, gospel and metal, fed by the band members' various influences. "And then Corona came along. A stupid time to go public with an album as a newcomer. We waited first, meanwhile contacted various labels, but then decided to do everything ourselves except for distribution." So the band was also free to decide when to release what.

Ivy Gold - "Six Dusty Winds" - Official Music Video, female fronted bluesrock

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