JEFF LYNNE'S ELO - Return to space

JEFF LYNNE’S ELO - Rückkehr ins All

It's his second spring: Since Jeff Lynnes' big live shows have triggered an ELO renaissance of unexpected proportions, the multi-instrumentalist has also started to produce new albums of his project again. After "Alone In The Universe" 2015, "Out Of Nowhere" followed in November 2019, on which the man in the sunglasses acts almost as a one-man orchestra. Even if the music is less symphonically opulent than in the 70s, the ELO sound again invites you to go into space.

The "Telephone Line" is up and running, but it's like a jinx: the shy Birminghamer, who has lived in Los Angeles for a long time, is finally ready to give an interview, and then, despite several attempts to improve it, the connection is and remains an acoustic nightmare. But at least "Mr. Blue Sky" is a calm and patient conversational partner, who willingly, even if slightly without obligation, answers all questions about the new album as well as the changed ELO sound. The now almost 72-year-old proves to be an unshakable optimist.

eclipsed: How important is the famous spaceship, which again adorns the cover of the new album, to you?

Jeff Lynne: I love it, even if you could actually have enough of it. But then every new incarnation looks so great again. Every time we redesign it for a cover, I enjoy how expressive and detailed the image is.

eclipsed: Is the album title "Out Of Nowhere" a reference to your most successful album "Out Of The Blue"?

Lynne: No, there is no direct reference, even if the title sounds similar. It's an allusion to the fact that the songs, as described in the title track, practically flew to me. You never know when the music is coming to you.

eclipsed: How is your relationship to the new songs compared to the previous album "Alone In The Universe"?

Lynne: I really enjoyed writing these new, fresh songs. I had already started with it during the last tour and finished it at home afterwards. I personally think they are even better than those on the last album.

Jeff Lynne's ELO - From Out of Nowhere (Official Audio)

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