Track premiere: PLENTY "It Could Be Home"

22. March 2018

Plenty Trackpremiere

Trackpremiere: PLENTY "It Could Be Home"

"It Could Be Home" is actually an album debut that took over thirty years to release. Emerging from the ashes of Liverpool-based post-punk eccentrics A Better Mousetrap and Warrington art rock band After The Stranger, Plenty was formed in 1986 and was Tim Bowness Band before the well-known No-man Band. Taking up the accents of contemporary artists like The Blue Nile Prefab Sprout as well as David Bowie and Peter Gabriel, Plenty's music alternated between electro-pop anthems, moving ballads and ambient experiments.

Apart from two appearances in North West England and a handful of songs played on local radio stations such as Piccadilly Radio, BBC GMR, BBC Radio Merseyside and Radio City, Plenty was nothing to be heard from at the time. Between spring 2016 and summer 2017, founding members Tim Bowness, Brian Hulse and David K Jones re-recorded Plenty's catalogue of songs from the 1980s and began finishing the album the band had hoped to release three decades earlier. While some lyrics were rewritten and elements of the arrangements in the songs were optimized, the band remained true to both the spirit of the original recordings and the era in which the songs were written.

The album is available here