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24. April 2014

Mother´s Cake , Newcomer

For the newcomers MOTHER'S CAKE it's going really well

The Innsbrucker Trio was founded in 2008 in order to create funky, hard-rock and progressive-rock music. According to drummer Jan Haußels, Yves Krismer (vocals, guitar) and Benedikt Trenkwalder (bass) have been making music together since they were children, while he was just taking a more "normal" path. "My humble self came to music late and thanks to the other two. Before that, everything went according to plan: graduation, studies, office job. Now the direction seems to be a different one," he comments on the development of the band. They already won the Austrian version of the "Local Heroes" band contest in 2010 and finished second in the European final in Hungary. Last year they were voted Newcomer Band of the Year in their own country, and in August they attracted attention as supporters of Iggy and the Stooges.

24. April 2014

Gotthard , neues Album

GOTTHARD find back to old form and surprise with new tones

When Gotthard frontman Steve Lee was killed in a traffic accident in the USA in 2010, the Swiss hard rock heroes first had to think about their own future. Almost two years later they dared a cautious new beginning with singer Nic Maeder on "Firebirth", whereby Maeder's vocal talent already appeared. Now the Swiss go one step further on the bear-strong follow-up album "Bang!", in which they show themselves from their rockiest side and only sporadically sprinkle in ballads.

24. April 2014

Chris Thompson , Manfred Mann’s Earth Band , neues Album

CHRIS THOMPSON wants to know it again with a new solo album

Christopher Hamlet Thompson is a great rock singer. He was in great demand by greats like Jeff Wayne, Mike Oldfield or Alan Parsons. However, his solo career never really took off after several exits and re-entries with Manfred Mann's Earth Band. The quality of our own oeuvre was too unsteady. Now the 67-year-old family man wants to return to the charts with the recording of "Toys & Dishes".

eclipsed: Please tell us a little about the creation process of your new album. With the young guitarist Arno Krabmann there is also a new name.

24. April 2014

Kari Rueslatten , The 3rd And The Mortal , neues Album

Kari Rueslatten - Kate Bush and Tori Amos in Norwegian Forests

Kari Rueslåtten is already a star in her native Norway. She is even said to have founded Gothic Metal with female vocals with the band The 3rd And The Mortal 1992 before later more successful, but also more commercial acts like Nightwish. Since 2005 there were no signs of life from this band anymore, but the woman with the memorable voice, which sounds quite amazing like a miraculous mixture of the vocal chords of Tori Amos and Kate Bush, always had a solo career going on at the same time, weaving artistic ethereal keyboard and ambient folk. But also here in 2005 with "Other People's Stories" it was over for now.

24. April 2014

Jackson C. Frank

Pure drama - The story of JACKSON C. FRANK

Spring 1965: A narrow, attractive, shy man travelled by ship from New York to England. He has a suitcase full of cash, $110,500 that he had an insurance company pay him out of, a guitar and a beguilingly soft voice. The newcomer is Jackson C. Frank, is twenty-two and has the dream to record his debut album in London. Ten compositions are available.

Frank knows that two of his role models - Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel - are touring England right now. Despite his notorious shyness, he makes contact with the two of them, gets to know the young folk heroes Al Stewart and Sandy Denny through them, and finally really gets Paul Simon to produce his album, while Denny falls in love with the young lad.

24. April 2014

The Afghan Whigs , Reunion

The Afghan Whigs - The Hindu Kush rocks

Reunions seem to be the order of the day in the current rock business. The times in which bands like the Beatles or Led Zeppelin separated once and for all are over. Anyone who breaks up today will come together again, it's only a matter of time. It is not uncommon for separation to take place only in order to unite again one day - not too far away - in a way that is effective for the public.

We can confidently forget many of these reunions, because they have virtually no meaning. It's different with the Afghan Whigs. From the late eighties until shortly before the turn of the millennium, Greg Dullis' troupe made an amazing transformation from garage punk to white soul. When all was said and done, she split up. A decade and a half later, she now comes together again to lay down one of the most important records of her career

24. April 2014


ASIA - Disposal of contaminated sites

Asia started 2006 again in the original line-up with many advance laurels. John Wetton, Geoff Downes, Carl Palmer and Steve Howe. Again and again great live performances followed the three studio albums that the quartet had recorded since then. But the magic of "Asia" (1982) and "Alpha" (1983) did not reach the top personnel anymore despite several good compositions. Howe's renewed withdrawal and the enthronement of Sam Coulson in his mid-twenties have the effect of an overdue fresh cell cure.

eclipsed: Without digression: Wasn't the step from Howe to Coulson long overdue for Asia?

John Wetton: I don't want to throw dirt at Steve afterwards. It was a big thing for all of us that the Ur-Asia came together again 25 years after the foundation. It had a private, human and musical dimension. To Steve: The qualities of someone like Steve Howe don't have to be emphasized. He's one of the best in his field.

24. April 2014


IQ - The Road Of Bones (8:29)
Album: The Road Of Bones (2014)
LABEL/Distribution: GEP/EDEL

After five years, finally the long announced album of the Prog institution, and once again they have surpassed themselves. IQ remain true to their ancestral sound, but add new nuances to it, not least thanks to the new keyboard player Neil Durant. The darkly creeping title track is the best example for the powerful sound of "The Road Of Bones". Album of the month!