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27. September 2021

Faust , Krautrock

FAUST - Ein Mythos, der vor 50 Jahren begann

Whenever Krautrock is mentioned, the name Faust must also be mentioned. From 1971 onwards, this band created a series of extraordinary albums that remained largely commercially unsuccessful but are all the more artistically valuable. Active again since the 1990s and as innovative as ever, Faust now present the opulent box set "Faust 1971-1974", which, in addition to the first four albums, contains remarkable archive material - including the group's previously unreleased fifth work, recorded in 1974.

"There is no band more mythical than Faust," Julian Cope writes in his book "Krautrocksampler" (1995) about the German band whose works form an indispensable part of the crown jewels of Krautrock - even if they never really got to grips with the term. Werner "Zappi" Diermaier recently replied to the question of whether Faust were Dada or gaga: "Neither. I don't want to name our music anything. Not even Krautrock."

27. September 2021

Tuesday The Sky , Jim Matheos , Fates Warning

TUESDAY THE SKY - „Ich habe dieses Projekt nicht gestartet, um damit eine Million Alben zu verkaufen“

Usually Jim Matheos is on the road in heavier realms - be it with Fates Warning, Arch/Matheos or OSI. In addition, the guitarist and composer also has a penchant for quiet, mostly instrumental soundscapes, which he lives out on his solo albums and with his project Tuesday The Sky. The latter's second album "The Blurred Horizon" was recently released, and the first two OSI albums were re-released at the end of July. Two good reasons for a conversation with the New Hampshire-based musician.

Jim Matheos checks in from home. He reveals that the pandemic has had little impact on his day-to-day work. He is not a person who goes out much or leaves the house often, so he follows his usual rhythm as far as possible. However, like many musicians, the cancelled tours have given him a lot of free time, which he has invested in the new Tuesday The Sky album.

eclipsed: When did you get the idea to record a second Tuesday The Sky album?

27. September 2021

David Coverdale , Whitesnake , Deep Purple

DAVID COVERDALE - Der Cock-Rocker wird 70!

It's a running gag in the editorial office that we should translate a David Coverdale text for the "Further in the text" section. Probably the eclipsed would then only be allowed to be sold under the counter ... Dave, affinity for such innuendos, asks for a minute's pause during the interview when he hears this anecdote, as he is about to undergo surgery for his hernia. "When I look at my pants, I have to say these are the fattest balls I've ever had, but unfortunately I can't laugh, not even at myself, because then it gets painful ..." Shortly before, Old Cov had undergone surgery on both hips. "If that isn't fate! You could say the man gave it his all, though. (chuckles) Oh dear, now I've been laughing painfully at my own joke again."

09. September 2021

Pink Floyd

PINK FLOYD - „Meddle“: Ein Meilenstein wird 50

It was a tough struggle for every note, a frustrating search for a vision, a sparking idea. Pink Floyd initially found it very difficult when it came to recording a new album. Necessity is the mother of invention, and so the band ventured a new approach, but it required an "aha" effect, an illuminating moment that pointed the way. In late 1971, after a seemingly endless recording process, "Meddle" was finally released. It showed Pink Floyd focused as never before. The band had found themselves, had finally arrived in the 70s. "Meddle" was literally a milestone on the way to "The Dark Side Of The Moon" and "Wish You Were Here".

09. September 2021

Inga Rumpf

INGA RUMPF - 75 Jahre und kein bisschen leise

Darf ich was vorsingen?" is the title of the recently published autobiography of the exceptional German singer Inga Rumpf. The occasion is 75 years of life and around 55 years as a musician. At the same time there is new music from the rock and soul singer on an anniversary CD double decker: "Universe Of Dreams" is a brand new studio album, on "Hidden Tracks" buried treasures from the archives have been unearthed. We gladly took the chance to let the still vital Hamburg sailor's daughter tell us about her rich life via Zoom interview. After all, prominent artists and bands such as Udo Lindenberg, Tina Turner, the Rolling Stones and BAP also crossed her path.

eclipsed: What's your first image in your mind when you think of 75 years of life and over half a century of career as a musician?

05. September 2021

Big Big Train

BIG BIG TRAIN „Pingpong der Ideen“

The big train is unstoppable: Even Corona and the departure of no less than three longtime members couldn't slow down Big Big Train's ride. David Longdon and Greg Spawton are proud of what their band embodies. In a double interview they revealed the idea behind the new studio album "Common Ground" and that they even already know what the next record will be about.

eclipsed: "Common Ground" was recorded in difficult times. What was different this time?

David Longdon: We are an international band and we have always worked with file sharing. In fact, this time we had agreed to record the new album together in one room, but ironically we couldn't because of the pandemic. So it was business as usual.

31. July 2021

1971 , Classic Rock , Rockhistory

1971 - Das Feuerwerk

By 1971, the myths of the Sixties had faded, and a young, innovative rock scene was conquering the mainstream. It was an unprecedented creative spectacle: The musical balance sheet of 1971 contains more grandiose albums, unforgettable songs and promising newcomers than ever before or since. And: Rock music never had more of a future than at this unique moment in its history. How did it come about? And what were the consequences? A tour through a musical year that was as wonderful as it was wondrous

31. July 2021

Dieter Dierks

DIETER DIERKS - Teil 2 des Exklusiv-Interviews mit der Produzenten-Legende

Actually Dieter Dierks doesn't like to be looked into the notes, but for eclipsed the great German producer made an exception. The trained actor, long considered the "sixth Scorpion", talks about Klaus Meine's voice, his meeting with Billy Joel, drinking bouts with Rory Gallagher, his inventions and a dream in the second part of our big interview.

eclipsed: Dieter, what do you appreciate about Scorpions singer Klaus Meine?