ROGER CHAPMAN delivers a comeback album of the highest quality

20. August 2021

Roger Chapman

ROGER CHAPMAN liefert ein Comeback-Album allererster Güte ab

After a twelve-year break, Roger Chapman surprises with "Life In The Pond", an album that focuses on diversity both lyrically and musically. Even at the age of 79, "Chappo" is bursting with power and is fully in the juice. He proves that (also) in the eclipsed interview.

eclipsed: There hasn't been a solo album from you since 2009 ("Hide Go Seek"). Did your old family mate Poli Palmer persuade you to go into the studio?

Roger Chapman: It didn't take a lot of input. It just happened. In late 2019, I met Poli at a studio near where I live. I asked if he wanted to hear some new song drafts from me. That worked so well then that we went from there.

eclipsed: Did the Covid hiatus give you time to write songs?

Chapman: No. I'm basically always working on songs and lyrics, so there's something going on in my head. Poli didn't inspire me either, at least not lyrically. It was just nice to sit down with an old friend and make new stuff.

eclipsed: When did you actually write your very first song?

Chapman: Honestly - there was no opportunity to just write something for a long time. Then I tried, and someone said it was a copy of a Ray Charles song. So my attempt ended up in the bin.

eclipsed: Your shortlist guitarist Geoff Whitehorn also makes a reappearance on "Life In The Pond". How did that come about?

Chapman: I always work well with Geoff. His guitar playing is inspiring. By the way, anyone who ever catches us on stage together can experience that. As for the new recordings, we sent the files to Geoff and said, "Just play what you feel!" He did, and as always, he found the key.

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