RPWL singer YOGI LANG gives deep insights into his inner life

2. December 2019

Yogi Lang

RPWL-Sänger YOGI LANG gibt tiefe Einblicke in sein Innenleben

The second solo album after "No Decoder" from 2010 was a long time coming. Of course, Yogi Lang, his character's singer, songwriter and keyboardist the art rocker RPWL is a busy man. In the meantime, the Freising team started with several concept albums. "I didn't really want to wait that long, but I had to hand in songs for RPWL albums again and again. I really had to do the solo work and keep the songs," admits Lang in retrospect. The question of where the differences to the RPWL material are is obvious. "The beauty is that I can be more radical and build my own world here because I don't have to stick to a band concept." But isn't there also an overriding theme on "A Way Out Of Here"? "But yes," laughs Yogi Lang, "the subject is me! That's the radical."

While "No Decoder" was still about the increasing inability to connect emphatically with the real world, now everything revolves around deep, personally felt fears of life. Lang: "So far, according to the album title, it was my conviction that there is always a solution. Apart from the finiteness of this last great task that no one escapes, that of saying goodbye to life." And what was the concrete reason for his rethinking? "A friend of mine has a bipolar disorder. He literally lives in two worlds: the real and the way he perceives them. He can't get out of this situation anymore. There's no way out for him right now."

Yogi Lang - A Way Out Of Here (official)

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