The shoegazing indie rockers THE BESNARD LAKES conjure up the Thunderstorm

21. January 2021

The Besnard Lakes

Die shoegazenden Indie-Rocker THE BESNARD LAKES beschwören den Thunderstorm

A not exactly easy topic is tackled by the band from Montreal with usual, if not even increased opulence. "The Besnard Lakes Are The Last Of The Great Thunderstorm Warnings" is about nothing more painful than death ... and yet ultimately about life. Laid out in four parts, husband and wife duo Olga Goreas and Jace Lasek created a concept in the format of a double album, which in all its glory is surely the Besnard Lakes' opus magnum

eclipsed: The Besnard Lakes have "gone through death," according to the info. What exactly happened here?

Olga Goreas: Jace's father died during the making of this album. Also some of our musical heroes, namely Prince and Mark Hollis. We were with Jace's father during this difficult time of dying, and it was really kind of a revelation of how our society deals with death. It's understandable that we would want the dying person to feel as "comfortable" as possible in the process. That's when we got to thinking that death could be the most psychedelic experience you go through.

eclipsed: You guys have already been "... the dark horse" as well as "... the roaring night". And now? "The Besnard Lakes Are The Last Of The Great Thunderstorm Warnings"? Can you tell us more about that?

Jace Lasek: When I was young and growing up in Regina, every time there was a storm, the weather service would interrupt the TV program. It was ominous news in itself, but for some reason in this quiet town I just got excited when those "Thunderstorm Warnings" flashed across the screen. Maybe it was the fear or awe of nature that had me so intrigued. I feel now regarding the speed of the World Wide Web and fleeting fads that come and go faster than ever, that our album belongs to a dying generation of too slow moving music. "The Last Of The Great Thunderstorm Warnings" that is. Our desire is for this album to be heard as a whole and not reduced to its individual tracks. When you listen to this album, we hope it evokes the same feeling I felt when I saw the thunderstorm warnings flashing on my TV screen, to break with the monotony of my boring day in a joyful yet ominous way.

eclipsed: You're now coming out with a double album full of long tracks. Is it possible that "The Besnard Lakes are the new quality of Prog Rock" applies?

Goreas: Both Jace and I listened to a lot of prog rock growing up. We both loved Yes, I loved Rush, Jace loved King Crimson, and we both loved Pink Floyd. So our music definitely has prog elements.

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