SIMON COLLINS has found its very own sound with "Becoming Human

2. November 2020

Simon Collins

SIMON COLLINS hat mit „Becoming Human“ seinen ganz eigenen Sound gefunden

Collins is the prime example of a cosmopolitan: Born in London, Phil Collins' oldest scion grew up in Vancouver and Switzerland, and with his label he then moved into offices in New York and London. For some time now, however, he has settled in Ireland. He calls the Emerald Isle "his home" in a chest-tone of conviction. But one can guess what "journey" the 44-year-old has literally completed.

And this is exactly what is reflected on his fourth solo album "Becoming Human", the first one after twelve years: "It has become a very intimate album, perhaps my most personal", Collins says in the interview. "I've been thinking about a lot of things in my life over the last few years. The album represents my journey into the here and now. I let people into my life a little bit and hope to connect with them that way."

In fact, since the 2013 release of "Dimensionaut" by his ex-band Sound Of Contact, "Becoming Human" is the first album Collins has been fully involved in again. "I just took the time," he explains. "A lot of things happened and after Sound Of Contact I wanted to reorientate myself and therefore I had to get together with new musicians Above all, he has now found his very special sound, which is very different from his three previous solo albums, but also from Sound Of Contact. Modern electronic sounds as well as industrial influences enliven the rock songs, which for this very reason should also find favour with Proggies.

Simon Collins - "Becoming Human" - Official Music Video