SPHERIC MUSIC has been rolling out a carpet for dreaming for 30 years now

SPHERIC MUSIC rollt seit mittlerweile 30 Jahren einen Teppich zum Träumen aus

Classical electronic music in the spirit of the psychedelic-experimental seventies, abbreviated EM, leads a rather exclusive shadowy existence despite some great successes, mainly of the Berlin School or international pioneers like Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangelis. Listeners who are open to a mental journey into other spheres - the really big (and usually long!) instrumental head cinema - are all the more infatuated with their music. Only a few labels have specialized in this music, Manikin, MellowJet-Records, SynGate and Spheric Music.

Three decades ago, Lambert Ringlage, a music enthusiast from Essen, was fed up with being able to release his own recordings only on cassette: "After I had created a certain demand with my cassettes, I wanted to release my music independently in 1991. The record labels at the time paid very little and had dubious conditions in the contracts. So I started my own label, on which I released my first CD 'Inside Out' under the stage name Lambert." The real initial spark, however, had happened earlier: "In 1981 I discovered the music of Tangerine Dream and then in 1983 I became a musician myself in the field of the Berlin School ..."

But all beginnings were difficult: litho artwork, audio premasters or U-matic video cassettes - the CD craft had to be learned first. Then the first meetings and events in fan circles. Gradually, other artists were found: "In the end, the Berlin School was the base on which everything was built, but then also differentiated and expanded in different directions, 'Chill Out' productions, sound experiments or harmonic CDs. In most of the releases, however, the repetitive sequences play a major role, often having a hypnotic effect and rolling out a carpet for dreaming ... whether Erik Seifert, Akikaze, Axess, Klangwelt or yours truly, the Berlin School shimmers through unmistakably everywhere. And if you like this old way of improvising, Bertrand Loreau, Jiannis and Hypnosphere are absolute insider tips!"

Robert Schroeder - Exothermic Energy (from album Pyroclast)

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