SUZI QUATRO - The First Lady of Rock is completely in her element on her new album

25. March 2021

Suzi Quatro

SUZI QUATRO - Die First Lady des Rock ist auf ihrem neuen Album ganz in ihrem Element

Suzi Quatro has been a PR pro for more than five decades, and she makes clever use of her skills by throwing headline-grabbing morsels at the non-music media like "Angus Young pinched my butt" or "I've had the corona virus, too." She knows it makes good headlines and draws attention to the now 70-year-old singer and bassist's new album. Yet the latest work, "The Devil In Me," speaks for itself. It's snotty, rocks mightily for the most part, and Quatro in particular, who entered the music business in the Sixties with her sisters as The Pleasure Seekers and Cradle in Detroit, still has a monster pipe that gives the songs power and identity. In other words, you recognise a lot of the artist who stormed the European charts from 1973 onwards with hits like "Can The Can", "48 Crash" and "Devil Gate Drive"

eclipsed: You're now reporting in via Skype from England. That is still your adopted country, isn't it?

Suzi Quatro: England has been my home for 50 years, even if I often stay with my German husband in Hamburg. On the other hand, I would never call myself English. I am and always have been US-American. More specifically, Detroit is still in my heart, it's where I was born, grew up, and the hard sound of the city made me the Suzi Quatro I still am today.

eclipsed: Alice Cooper, who just did his album about the city ("Detroit Stories") in Detroit and with Detroit musicians, told me something similar the other day. I'm surprised he didn't ask you to be involved, after all you've been friends for almost a lifetime?

Quatro: I don't live in the States and sure, Alice and I are friends, but it's more of a long-lasting mutual appreciation and musician friendship, however, I'm not in his immediate circle, and conversely, he's not in mine either.

eclipsed: Is there a Cooper song that has always touched you or that you're jealous you didn't write?

Quatro: "Only Women Bleed." Especially in the seventies, women needed a lobby to emancipate themselves. And a guy who chose the all-American female name Alice Cooper and then sings about men mistreating women - that was and is extraordinary. And furthermore musically great staged as a heartbreaking ballad.

SUZI QUATRO "The Devil In Me" (Official Video)

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