VAN MORRISON - Stop is not an option

25. October 2017

Van Morrison

VAN MORRISON - Stop is not an option

A jazz, blues and soul expert, Van Morrison has been in the business for 59 years and has 37 albums, touring and studioing all the time. He has a divine voice and is a shining example for generations of musicians. Still, Van the Man doesn't seem happy. He struggles with the music industry, modern technology, the media, the zeitgeist. That's why Nordire hardly gives interviews, that's why he has a reputation as an incorrigible grantler. eclipsed gives the musician in Belfast one of his rare interviews, which isn't always easy - least of all for him.

eclipsed: Mr. Morrison, your last year's album "Keep Me Singing" was very successful and has been the highest chart position for decades..

Van Morrison: Yes. But what does that mean when it comes to sales figures? Because let's face it, nowadays most albums only stay in the charts for a few weeks and then disappear. And I'm afraid I'm no exception. My last albums, no matter how high they got, have all only lasted two to three weeks. That's why I don't sell many albums anymore, and I get the exact numbers much later. Which is because they don't interest me. (laughs) The main thing is that they are noticed at all and people come to my concerts.

eclipsed: They ranked 6th in Germany, 4th in Great Britain and 9th in the USA. That's an achievement.

Morrison: Those are probably the highest rankings I've ever had. You're better informed than I am. (laughs)

eclipsed: But these numbers don't mean anything?

Morrison: No, because they don't correspond to the sales they used to stand for.

eclipsed: Nevertheless, you present the successor just under a year later. Are you workaholic or are you running out of time?

Morrison: I don't have that kind of problem. My doctor says I'm okay. And you want me to tell you something? You don't make an album like that in a few months, it takes time. This one took me over a year since the last one was finished.

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