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29. May 2014

Epitaph , Krautrock

EPITAPH - Creative power failure

Their career began at the end of 1969 in the cellar of the trendy Dortmund music club "Fantasio", where they had their rehearsal room. While they were preparing for future tasks there, upstairs in the club there were star troops like Yes, Black Sabbath or Colosseum. The star of Epitaph should not shine as brightly as that of its English colleagues. Nevertheless, what the German formation delivered in the seventies in the areas of prog, hard rock and jazz was absolutely competitive. But in the middle of the eighties Epitaph went out of breath; the band broke up. 2001 then the comeback. Since then they have released three new studio albums and presented themselves live again and again. Cliff Jackson, founder, guitarist and singer of the band, tells where Epitaph are currently located.

eclipsed: How did the "Acoustic Sessions" and the collaboration with the violinist Tim Reese come about?

29. May 2014


The song with the bell - the British band ARCHIVE remains true to itself by reinventing itself

There have been many attempts to describe the music of the London band archives. But with every record the band around Darius Keeler and Danny Griffiths punished all their genre archivists with lies. They never wanted to commit. However, the new album "Axiom" now has a completely new quality. The CD consists of a single long piece that leaves behind all the coordinates of pop or rock. "The last album wasn't a difficult one, but we still had all the time in the world to think about it," says Keeler. "With the new record, it was completely different. We only had a few days to record them. You couldn't make many decisions. We couldn't come up with a big concept. Music made its own way."

29. May 2014

California Breed , Black Country Communion , Glenn Hughes , Jason Bonham

Going to California - After Black Country Communion Glenn Hughes and Jason Bonham now bet on CALIFORNIA BREED

Two brothers in spirit found themselves in exile in California: the English Glenn Hughes (ex-Trapeze, ex-Deep Purple) and Jason Bonham. After Bonham had represented his father at the legendary 2007 O2-Gig in a grandiose way and after several sessions with John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page as well as singers like Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) or Myles Kennedy (Slash, Alter Bridge), Led Zeppelin had not been continued without Robert Plant, the drummer suddenly gave the pulse of a supergroup: Black Country Communion. Stylistically anchored in the seventies, the band also had an output corresponding to that time: three albums in three years. When Hughes complained loudly that Black Country Communion was acting like a hobby band for Joe Bonamassa and could not establish itself as an independent force, the star guitarist's management pulled the plug.

29. May 2014

Yasi Hofer , Steve Vai

The guitarist YASI HOFER from Ulm walks on the tracks of guitar gods

She learned her guitar trade at the Stuttgart Musikhochschule and the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston. On her debut album "Yasi", which caused a stir in the guitar scene a few months ago, she translated her skills, at least in instrumental terms, into grandiose songs. "The album is deliberately colourful," smiles the 21-year-old, knowing full well that she hasn't yet decided on her style and doesn't (yet) want to do so. "My top three guitarists are Steve Vai, Robben Ford and Jeff Beck."

29. May 2014

Broken Twin , Tori Amos , PJ Harvey

Behind the delicate piano and guitar ballads of BROKEN TWIN is a strong woman

The Dane Majke Voss Romme is always surprised by who she is compared to. Woman at the piano - Tori Amos is the influence, isn't he? "In fact, for example, I first heard about her from music journalists. I don't know much about her, but I like what she does." So the question arises as to which musicians are important for her. "I love the music of Stina Nordenstam, a Swedish singer and songwriter, as well as Nina Simone and PJ Harvey. As a child I also enjoyed listening to Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton and the Spice Girls. But to what extent this has influenced my creative work, I can't say."

29. May 2014


ANATHEMA - The Lost Song Part 3 (5:16)
Album: Distant Satellites (2014)

24. April 2014

Krautrock , Electric Orange , Sankt Otten


No one has an exact definition, but everyone knows what is meant when we talk about Krautrock. "Krautrock is not a musical genre, but a term for a phase: 1969 to 1974," explains Dirk Jan Müller of the band Electric Orange. "Krautrock can be anything. "He was most exciting when he wasn't Anglo-American." Exactly this independence is embodied by bands like Faust, CAN, Amon Düül II, Popol Vuh, Guru Guru or Kraan, who showed a creative unconcern unknown to local conditions. Tom Redecker of The Perc Meets The Hidden Gentleman describes Krautrock as "Germany's only contribution to the worldwide phenomenon of rock music". Of course, Krautrock is wide-ranging: electronics from Kraftwerk or Tangerine Dream; art rock from Eloy, Jane or Grobschnitt; anarchistic folk from Witthüser & Westrupp.

24. April 2014

Tangerine Dream

TANGERINE DREAM - Phaedra Phierzig Pharewell

Vienna, one of the first days of spring after a mild winter. The man who turned music history upside down with "Phaedra" forty years ago is sitting in a venerable café on the Ring. The years have left their mark on Edgar Froese's face, but his unrestrained desire to fable, experiment and provoke has not been harmed. Music was and is never an end in itself for him. Froese wants to get to the bottom of things and put everything into a big world context. To the left and right of his table, diplomats and business magnates palaver about the future of Europe, while Froese lets his gaze wander unsentimentally into the past and future, chatting in a good mood about a great adventure.

eclipsed: "Phaedra" is an album that takes on new form and form in every life situation, environment or era. How is such a plate made?