THE ARISTOCRATS - "FREEZE! Live In Europe 2020"

THE ARISTOCRATS (Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller & Marco Minnemann) new live album "FREEZE! LIVE IN EUROPA 2020" will be released on May 7,featuring some of the Aristocrats' best live performances from just before the long live music hiatus.

The album features recordings from several performances in Spain in February 2020 and draws heavily on first live renditions of material from their latest album "You Know What...?".

"FREEZE! documents a particularly memorable period for the band, so I think it's very fortunate that we were able to capture this musical 'snapshot,'" says guitarist Guthrie Govan. "After months of relentless performing, the material from our last studio recording had begun to feel really natural to us, and yet.... somehow there was still an unmistakable element of excitement and musical risk-taking onstage every night we played those songs."

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