ATOMIC ROOSTER - Concert dates

With ATOMIC ROOSTER one of the old British rock bands reappears in today's music scene after a long time. Of course, the band had its peak in the 70s when Atomic Rooster with the former Arthur Brown organist Vincent Crane or drummer Carl Palmer had well-known musicians in their ranks. Throughout their history Vincent Crane was the only constant member and wrote most of the songs.

The history is determined by two periods: The early mid-1970s and early 1980s. The band went through radical style changes, but was known for the hard, progressive rock sound of their hit singles "Tomorrow Night" and "Devil's Answer", both from 1971.

In 2016, the two former band members Pete French (vocals) and Steve Bolton (guitar) breathed new life into Atomic Rooster and are now on tour in Germany in a new line-up but old program with the following dates ...

14.08.2020 Waffenrod - Woodstock Forever Festival

15.08.2020 Neuleiningen - Cosmic Castle Festival

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