LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM - new solo album

It's been ten years since LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM's last solo album, 2011's "Seeds We Sow," and now there's new material to look forward to: his new self-titled LP, led by first single "I Don't Mind,"will be released on September 17 via Reprise.Written, produced and recorded by Buckingham in his home studio in Los Angeles, the album will be released on vinyl, CD and across all digital and streaming platforms.

"Like many of the songs on my new album, "Don't Mind" is about the challenges couples face in long-term relationships," comments Buckingham on the significance of the new single. "Over time, two people inevitably feel the need to add flexibility to their initial dynamic, to accept each other's flaws and to continually work on problems. It's the essence of a good long-term relationship. This song celebrates that attitude and the discipline it requires."

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