LONG DISTANCE CALLING - new video as a political statement about the self-destruction of mankind

After the first singles "Kamilah" and "Giants Leaving" LONG DISTANCE CALLING now released with "Eraser" the third single and at the same time the title track from their album which will be released on August 26th.

LONG DISTANCE CALLING's eighth album "Eraser" is an immediate and heartfelt tribute to the gradual erosion of nature by man. The band has dedicated the album to the world's endangered species, with musical elements in each song referring to a creature threatened with extinction.

Thus, the single "Eraser" represents the human species, which will be at the same time causer but also inevitably just as victim of the effects. In a more than 9-minute masterpiece in two acts, the album seems to end in a sonorous, slow-motion devastation. But with atmospheric even epic strings LONG DISTANCE CALLING release the listener with some hope, even if it is already 5 past 12

The official music video was realized in cooperation with Greenpeace, who provided parts of the footage to be seen, and is a perfect visual realization of man's role as both an oppressor of nature and a victim of his own actions

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