MANDOKI SOULMATES publish joint video with their audience

In summer 2020 the album "Living In The Gap/Hungarian Pictures" was released worldwide, in Mandoki's native Hungary it entered the official charts at number 1. But despite the success Leslie Mandoki is anything but relaxed.

"I am very touched that we reach our audience with our message. But we live in strange times and due to the pandemic crisis some cracks and distortions in our society are deepening with frightening dimensions. I wrote "Strange days of paranoia blues" in the first line of our song "Wake Up", at a time when I had no idea how accurate these words would be this year," says Mandoki.

With his music Mandoki wants to overcome the division in society. That's why Mandoki called on his audience in the social media to virtually sing the song "Wake Up" together with his soulmates and record it as a video. From a selection of the submissions, the new music video for the song was created as a common call for the future of Europe.

With the current single "Wake Up" the Soulmates show a way to meet the new challenges. "Wake Up" is a wake-up call to leave our comfort zone. To overcome the division, we have to talk to each other and build bridges - that is the solution. It's time to wake up from a Sleeping Beauty sleep and work to make a difference, because we owe this better world to our children," Mandoki emphasizes.

The music video for the song "Wake Up" also features images that illustrate and urgently remind us of the excesses of man-made destruction of our earth and its consequences: Wake Up! We have no time for further delay.

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