MT. AMBER - Track premiere "Fly Away"

MT. AMBER presents here their new music video for "Fly Away". With this song from their current album "Another Moon", the Berlin band proves that within their cinematic art rock cosmos they master the acoustic elements as well as polyphonic vocals and AOR moments.

With the release of their music video, Mt. Amber also announce new concert dates, among others on 26.9. at Blue Shell/Cologne and on 30.9. at Burg Schnabel/Berlin.

Quotes to the song:

Philipp Nespital: "The song is part of our seven-part song cycle "Another Moon", which is about a restless night in which one is haunted by fears and memories. "Fly Away" is the warming memory of a children's song. It stands for the longing for a time in which the magic of stories and fairy tales could offer security and protection from the darkness

Christopher Zitterbart: "Because of the theme, the song provides a musical contrast to the otherwise rather gloomy character of "Another Moon". Especially the second part of the song is full of euphoria and positive energy

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