Next BURG HERZBERG FESTIVAL 29.07.-01.08.2021


Hello from the festival office!

Thank you for the support that has already reached us through various channels. Thank you for your trust and thank you for the love you show for the festival. This is "All together, NOW! This motto takes on a different meaning in view of the current pandemic, because now we can all together develop a new form of solidarity.

We want to protect and preserve this magical, peaceful and powerful place full of love in the middle of nature, with all its facets. For this year we are there together in our hearts, next year we will celebrate together again!

With our fundraising campaign we want to pay for parts of the fixed costs (such as wages, rent and loss of harvest for the festival areas) that will still be incurred in a year without Herzberg. After all, the Herzberg Festival is a year-round project. As a purely privately run festival collective that has deliberately managed without any sponsors worth mentioning so far, we appeal to the solidarity of our great Herzberg community and all friends of cultural diversity throughout the country and Europe. To you!

From our side there is no expectation and demand, but donations with a good feeling on your part are welcome and essential for our survival.

If you want to and can support us, you can do it this way:

1) via Start Next

2) via our donation account:

Herzberg Festival

Savings Bank Fulda

IBAN: EN085305018000038670


3) via Pay Pal

4) Buy Merch through our online shop

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