PATTERN-SEEKING ANIMALS - Video for "Stars Along The Way"

PATTERN-SEEKING ANIMALS, around the current and former Spock's Beard members Ted Leonard (lead voc & guitar), Jimmy Keegan (drums & voc) and Dave Meros (bass) as well as the longtime songwriter and keyboarder John Boegehold, have released a new video to the track "Stars Along The Way" from their current debut album "Pattern-Seeking Animals".

John Boegehold on the track: "So, let me get this straight. You're saying that a song that's more than ten minutes long with inscrutable lyrics, multiple key, time and tempo changes, mellotron and fretless bass with several guitar and synth solos doesn't stand a chance of toppling Taylor Swift and BTS from the top of worldwide pop charts? Not sure I like your negative attitude, mister."

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