PAUL McCARTNEY announced the third part of his solo trilogy

PAUL McCARTNEY"III" will be released on December 11th by Capitol Records on CD, LP and digital. The album waswritten, recorded and produced by Paul McCartney.

Actually McCartney hadn't planned to release an album in 2020. But the isolation of the lockdown led him to continue working on existing song sketches - and to develop many new ideas. Thus, little by little - and rather spontaneously - an eclectic collection of songs was created: McCartney III Minimalist pieces, produced by himself, and again solo recordings in the literal sense of the word. Again, it is a statement that marks the beginning of a new decade - just like McCartney and McCartney II did 50 and 40 years ago, respectively.

"I was just living with my family in lockdown mode on my farm, and I went to the studio every day," Paul says about the making of Part III, "I had a couple of commissions, music for a film, and that's how the opening title came about. But when that was in the can, I asked myself, what do I do now? I had a few approaches that I had worked on from time to time over the years, but sometimes you just don't have time to finish things. So I kept thinking about these existing approaches. Every day I started working with the instrument I had written the piece on; then I added the other tracks, which was really fun. It was more about making music for myself - not so much about songs that otherwise had some purpose or service. I just did what I felt like doing. And so I didn't even realize that it was going to be an album

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