RAY WILSON - "Un Tour"

Like many other musicians RAY WILSON would like to be on tour at the moment, but unfortunately he is in "un-tour" mode. However, this does not stop the Lord from continuing to provide live entertainment

So Ray will be on stage again at 8:00 p.m. on May 30

This time it is the birthday of his brother and colleague Steve Wilson. Ray is accompanied by a nine-piece band. So there is no slimmed down living room session, but a real gig.

The performance is paid according to the fair and popular "Pay what you can if you can" system. Whoever buys a ticket not only supports the musicians, who are virtually unemployed at the moment, but also ends up on Ray's personal "Un Tour Wall Of Fame" on the homepage.

Song requests can be sent to requests@raywilson.net must be submitted.

Further information is available under www.raywilson.net

Here is the direct ticket link www.raywilson.net/content/online-gig-tickets

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