On October 2 and 6 it will be shown in over 60 countries and 2,500 cinemas worldwide: "Roger Waters US + THEM", the film made by the former Pink Floyd bassist and director Sean Evans during Waters' 2017/2018 tour of the same name. Recorded in Amsterdam, the film brings together the highlights from the Pink Floyd back catalogue and songs from Waters' latest solo album "Is This The Life We Really Want?

Visionary pictures of the gigantic shows, paired with emotional messages and spectacular music. Anyone who didn't have a chance to visit one of the 156 shows (which attracted 2.3 million) can now catch up and see for themselves that it was more than just a rock concert

Roger Waters on the film: "US + THEM is not a standard Rock'n'Roll fare. US + THEM is a call to action. Homo Sapiens are at a crossroads, we can either bundle our love, develop our ability to empathize with others and act together for the good of our planet, or we can remain pleasantly stunned and continue our current humane death march towards extinction like blind lemmings. US + THEM is a voice for love and life."

A later release of the film aud DVD / Blu-ray is likely, but not yet confirmed.

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