STATUS QUO - "Out Out Quoing" Tour 2022

After having to cancel the "Backbone" tour planned for 2020, Francis Rossi & Co. are in the wings for 2022, announcing here the dates for shows in spring and late summer 2022.

Francis Rossi: "We can't wait to finally play live again. It's been way too long since we've been able to rock out together with the fans. It was always so natural for all of us to go out. It used to be. Going out, really going out, and really coming out of your shell became a dream. But now that dream is coming true again. The tour's motto is meant to be humorous, but it's also meant to encourage celebration. Anyway, don't worry too much and just prepare for lots of hits and the energy of real live music!"

STATUS QUO - "Out Out Quoing" Tour 2022

20.03.2022 Karlsruhe | Schwarzwaldhalle

21.03.2022 Rostock | City Hall

23.03.2022 Rietberg | Cultura

29.03.2022 Saarbrücken | Saarland Hall

31.03.2022 Hof | Freiheitshalle

01.04.2022 Krefeld | Seidenweberhaus

17.09.2022 Augsburg | Congress Hall

19.09.2022 Dresden | Kulturpalast

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