STEVEN WILSON - "The Future Bites" to be released as "ultra deluxe boxset" for £10,000!

STEVEN WILSON has announced details of a unique special edition of his forthcoming sixth album, The Future Bites. The "ultra-deluxe boxset" will sell for £10,000. All proceeds will go directly to the Music Venue Trust to help save venues across the UK affected by COVID 19.

Included are

- a one-sided 7"-single with the title "The Tastemaker"

- the unique laptop bag used in the "Eminent Sleaze" video

- Test pressings of "The Future Bites" and "Eminent Sleaze"

- CDR of an unreleased soundcheck performance of a cover version from 2016 that was otherwise never performed live

- Steven Wilson's 2011 Grammy nomination certificate and medal for "Grace For Drowning"

- laminated AAA passports for various tours between 2011-18

- Polaroids from "The Future Bites" Cover Photo Session

- Original drawing by Hajo Mueller of Steven Wilson

- Handwritten lyrics with corrections for various songs between 1996-2020

Steven Wilson comments: "This edition of "The Future Bites" takes the whole idea of limited luxury editions to a logical and rather extreme extreme, as there will obviously only be one copy in the end. In many ways, this edition is more akin to the world of art than it is to the world of music or luxury brands. Only one person can own an actual painting with the artist's brush strokes on it. There is no variation, only the one original."

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