Video premiere: PLAINRIDE "Shepherd"

The Cologne heavy rockers from PLAINRIDE present their new video for the song "Shepherd" exclusively with us.

The band to the video "When we set out to shoot the video, we knew it was going to be a DIY project. 2020 wasn't an easy year, so we had to work with an even tighter budget than usual. But since we had already managed to produce the song independently, we were confident we could do the same for the music video - even though neither of us had produced a real music video before. We knew we'd have to shoot the entire video in one day, since we had a rental camera, and we knew we needed a place where no one would bother us and ask for permission. Luckily, like many in Germany, our rehearsal space is located in an industrial area, so we were able to take advantage of that. We designed a storyboard and tried to pick up on some of the themes of the song, like the encounter with the beggar and the idea of the capitalist being consumed by the fires he himself had set earlier. The image of the beggar's burning can in particular stuck with us, which is why we chose that image as the artwork for the song. The video shoot itself was a blast, even though we almost froze our asses off (it must have been around 6 degrees Celsius). It was so cold that the camera batteries kept giving up the ghost, so we had to constantly keep it warm with what little body heat we had. Judging by what came out in the end, we'd say it was definitely worth it."

15/12/2021 Hannover, Bei Chez Heinz
16/12/2021 Göttingen, Vinylreservat
17/12/2021 Hamburg, Drafthouse
18/12/2021 Bochum, Trompete

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