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Just in time for the release of the new "Zappa" documentary by director Alex Winter, fans of the US icon can look forward to the accompanying soundtrack: The "Zappa Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" with no less than 68 tracks has been available digitally since 27 November. While the documentary film about the life of the genius musician, who died in 1993 and would have celebrated his 80th birthday in December 2020, has received much critical praise in recent weeks, the accompanying soundtrack album, released by Zappa Records/UMe, also impresses with various specials. "Zappa Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" combines material from all career phases, combined with plenty of bonus and exclusive tracks as well as the complete score by John Frizzell.

Especially the extensive digital and physical deluxe editions of the "Zappa" album impressively underline his genius and the immense range of his compositions. Almost all the tracks from the new documentary are gathered here - including twelve previously unreleased songs from the family archive "The Vault": These include live recordings from the Whisky A Go-Go in 1968, the Fillmore West (1970), and Zappa's legendary appearance on Saturday Night Live when he performed "Dancin' Fool" live in 1978. These exclusive tracks are flanked by no less than 25 tracks from his entire back catalogue, starting with "Freak Out!", Zappa's 1966 double-album debut with The Mothers of Invention, and "The Yellow Shark", the last album released during his lifetime, released in 1993 after being recorded live by Ensemble Modern in Germany and Austria the year before

The soundtrack also includes tracks released on Zappa's Straight and Bizarre Records labels - these include "No Longer Umpire" from Alice Cooper's debut album "Pretties For You" (released on Straight in 1969) and "The Captain's Fat Theresa Shoes" from the GTO's. Zappa had also produced the accompanying album, "Permanent Damage," the only long player by the pioneering all-girl rock band. With two classical pieces by Edgar Varèse and Igor Stravinsky, these important Zappa inspiration sources can also be heard on the album, which also combines selected interview recordings. The soundtrack is rounded off with 26 new compositions by John Frizzell, which the award-winning film composer from NYC wrote exclusively as a score for the "Zappa" documentary

The "Zappa" documentary, the result of years of work, is also unique because director Alex Winter was allowed to go through the entire archives for the first time - and was supported throughout by the Zappa Family Trust during the creation phase. Thus, the film impressively illuminates the person behind the musician and composer, a restless creative who always stood his ground and never avoided any political debate. In addition to his wife Gail Zappa, who died in 2015, many musical companions also have their say in the film - the list of guests ranges from Mike Keneally, Ian Underwood and Steve Vai, to Pamela Des Barres, Bunk Gardner and David Harrington, as well as Scott Thunes, Ruth Underwood and Ray White. Funded entirely through Kickstarter, the required million-dollar budget was assembled within weeks - becoming the most successful documentary film fundraiser since the crowdfunding platform's inception.

Together, the film "Zappa" and the accompanying soundtrack album create a fascinating, multi-layered, moving portrait of Frank Zappa - that virtuosic, restless musical genius whose unique vision would change the musical and cultural landscape forever. From his early psych-rock compositions to his avant-garde and jazz-rock experiments, symphonic compositions and satirical parodies, to his conceptual, compositional and technical innovations, Frank Zappa forged his own path in every respect - creating a body of work whose ethos and influence is as palpable today as it was during his lifetime.

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