AMON DÜL II - We are Family

29. August 2014

AMON DÜL II - We are Family

Amon Düül II had emerged in 1967 from an artist community in Munich's trendy Schwabing district. In times of student unrest, APO and protests against the Vietnam War, music was still an expression of a socio-political attitude. Whether the band still lives this artistic spirit after almost fifty years, we discussed with guitarist John Weinzierl.

eclipsed: Why did you publish "Bee As Such" now as a physical product under the title "Düülirium"?

John Weinzierl: Nowadays you work differently, you put something in the room first, just like we download the music under the working title "Bee As Such". I got a request a few months ago to play on a Billy Cobham record and I came into contact with the people from the Cleopatra label. Then we said let's get them out with the cover and everything. The name was suggested by our old Chris [Düül-Gitarrist/Violinist/Singer Chris Karrer; note], the rest of us just said: "Yeah!". (laughs)