EARTHLESS - At her with a roar

20. March 2018

EARTHLESS - At her with a roar

Earthless have shone on their previous studio albums with long instrumental tracks full of guitar solos that are just as long. This mixture of retrorock and psychedelic is also represented on "Black Heaven", the fourth album of the trio from San Diego, but the total of six tracks have become shorter and four of them even have vocals. But of course all the guitar solos are still in focus. eclipsed spoke to guitarist Isaiah Mitchell.

eclipsed: The tracks on the new album are much shorter than on the first three albums. Why this development?

Isaiah Mitchell: This time we had written so many songs and many were just worth it to get on the album. They literally screamed for it and so formed the album. The album just wanted it that way and we listened to it

eclipsed: You don't feel like 15-minute guitar solos anymore?