FLYING COLORS - Supergroup on installments

18. November 2019

FLYING COLORS - Supergroup auf Raten

At the beginning of October the FLYING COLORS released "Third Degree", their third studio album in eight years. Could the output be bigger, or is the motto "quality instead of quantity" exactly the right recipe for the Prog-Supergroup? On the other hand, this may not be such a bad cut considering all the projects the band members are involved in.

The various activities of singer and keyboarder Neal Morse (Neal Morse Band, Transatlantic), drummer Mike Portnoy (Neal Morse Band, Sons Of Apollo, The Winery Dogs, Transatlantic) and singer and rhythm guitarist Casey McPherson (Alpha Rev) are not the actual reason for the longer studio breaks, which were cleverly bridged with releases of gripping live recordings. First and foremost, the tour dates of Deep Purple, where guitarist Steve Morse mainly earns his living, are putting a spanner in the works of Flying Colors, as Portnoy reveals in the interview.

FLYING COLORS "Second Flight: Live At The Z7"

19. October 2015

The intensity and virtuosity of a Flying Colors concert is brought to life by this recording of a show in Pratteln, Switzerland last autumn. Already to the debut of the Supergroup there was a live recording after the studio recording. With the second album "Second Nature" one has now proceeded in a similar way.

eclipsed No. 140 / 5-2012

12. April 2014

Drive into daylight

The stage suit wearer Joe Bonamassa completed his most recent tour of Germany at the beginning of March - the most successful so far for him. And it seems that this would only be a stopover on the JB's autonomous way to the top. Without the big hype, without hits in the luggage - but with a lot of work and an ubiquitous master plan.

Falling out of time