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18. July 2018

GRATEFUL DEAD - The Living Dead

28. June 2017

GRATEFUL DEAD - The Living Dead

Grateful Dead once gave their fans a far-reaching promise: "As long as you want to hear us, you will have a band". Now the fans of the Grateful Dead, the much sung about deadheads, are not to be compared with other fans. They follow their band on tour everywhere, young fans still get tattoos of the faces of Pigpen and Jerry Garcia (dead since 1973 and 1995, respectively), deadheads embody the counterculture of the late sixties, as if the Summer of Love never ended. The degree of their devotion shows that the formation, founded in California in 1965, is not just any band. Warner Music/Rhino are now taking this fact into account again by releasing the complete works of the formation. In addition, the 11-CD live box set "May 1977: Get Shown The Light" (as an excerpt the 3-CD release "Cornell 5/8/77") and the double CD set "Long Strange Trip: Motion Picture Soundtrack" for the Dead documentary of the same name have now been released.

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30. March 2017

Listen to an exclusive German premiere of the song "Dancing In The Street" from the upcoming GRATEFUL DEAD album "Cornell 5/8/77" (released May 5th).