JEFF LYNNE'S ELO - Return to space

20. December 2019

JEFF LYNNE’S ELO - Rückkehr ins All

It's his second spring: Since Jeff Lynnes' big live shows have triggered an ELO renaissance of unexpected proportions, the multi-instrumentalist has also started to produce new albums of his project again. After "Alone In The Universe" 2015, "Out Of Nowhere" followed in November 2019, on which the man in the sunglasses acts almost as a one-man orchestra. Even if the music is less symphonically opulent than in the 70s, the ELO sound again invites you to go into space.

eclipsed No. 175 / 11-2015

09. December 2015

NEIL YOUNG - The Indomitable

Even as a young singer, as a representative of the hippie generation, Neil Young didn't mince his words. And he has remained the most controversial, sometimes in the best sense of the word uninhibited spirit of rock music: The Canadian, who turns seventy on November 12, shows no signs of age-mild. In the following we show why it is so important that "the old man" is still there.

JEFF LYNNE'S ELO - Alte Schule


22. October 2015


The address is very tasteful: The Beverly Estate Drive at the end of Benedict Canyon is one of the quiet, secluded corners of Beverly Hills. Less than ten minutes from Sunset Boulevard and yet high in the mountains, with panoramic views of the City of Angels and surrounded by picturesque greenery. Those who reside here are right in the middle and yet completely out of the public line of fire and neither have to fear tourists nor paparazzi. Once you have passed the inconspicuous gate, which does not allow any speculation about the size or style of the property, you stand in an inner courtyard with a fountain to which three buildings are connected: the main house, a guest house and a studio complex. Everything was built in 1951 in the Spanish colonial style, with cream-coloured walls and dark woods. Current market value: around four million dollars. "Probably the best investment I've ever made," giggles the landlord. "I moved in here in 1995 at a bargain price.