The Death-Gospel-High Priestess LOUISE LEMÓN lives out her wild side

25. June 2020

Die Death-Gospel-Hohepriesterin LOUISE LEMÓN lebt ihre wilde Seite aus

The Swedish Louise Lemón is a charming and highly sensitive young lady, but without doubt as a painfully intense artist she is also a real drama queen. It is not for nothing that the press awarded her the title "Queen of Death Gospel". Her soul life, which she likes to reveal with her music, resembles a constant exorcism - to drive out her own inner demons, which make especially the love life so difficult. On her current EP, appropriately titled "Devil", you can be a witness to this "exorcism".

eclipsed: Louise, are you actually happy with the label "Queen of Death Gospel"? Or to put it another way: Where do you see yourself in relation to a genre?

Louise Lemón: I think it's a very nice way of describing what I do as an artist, because it captures the inner core and not just the sound or a particular genre. At the same time it is also very poetically expressed.