LUNATIC SOUL - Life, Death and Rebirth

15. December 2020

LUNATIC SOUL - Leben, Tod und Wiedergeburt

With "Through Shaded Woods", the new work of his solo project, Riverside singer Mariusz Duda has managed a big surprise. On the last two Lunatic Soul albums he indulged in strongly electronic sounds, but now he comes up with extremely convincing sounds that evoke thoughts of a medieval forest hike: almost classical folk rock, mixed with elements of Scandinavian folk music and pagan metal borrowings.

Since 2008 Mariusz Duda has been turning his soul inside out with the project Lunatic Soul and dedicating himself to the painfully intense exploration of existential crises. In the eclipsed interview, the charming Pole explains the major themes of the new work and the Lunatic Soul album cycle.

eclipsed: With "Through Shaded Woods" you have made a real musical transformation. What made you take this excursion into folk rock, Mariusz?

eclipsed No. 195 / 11-2017

18. July 2018

A depressing phase in Mariusz Duda's life has released new creative energies - with Riverside and LUNATIC SOUL

03. July 2018

Eine bedrückende Lebensphase hat bei Mariusz Duda neue kreative Energien freigesetzt – mit Riverside und LUNATIC SOUL

Mid-June. Getting an interview appointment with Mariusz Duda is currently extremely difficult. Since March, Riverside have been at Studio Serakos in Warsaw to work on their seventh album "Waste7and", the first without guitarist Piotr Grudziński, who died in early 2016. The band also has to prepare for three summer festivals. For eclipsed Duda nevertheless takes a lot of time, explains why the current Lunatic Soul album "Under The Fragmented Sky" stands for him "between life and death", and describes how Riverside have reinvented themselves with "Waste7and", which is expected to appear at the end of September.

eclipsed: Mariusz, you always carry your feelings outward with absolute honesty through your music. Your fans appreciate this courage to be vulnerable.

LUNATIC SOUL - The end is approaching

15. November 2017

LUNATIC SOUL - The end is approaching

Mariusz Duda and Riverside are back on track after the difficult year 2016. How happy the 42-year-old musician really is can only be guessed between the lines. During Riverside's ongoing European tour he gives eclipsed insights into the backgrounds - including the emotional ones - of the new Lunatic Soul album.

eclipsed: You explained that you wanted to free me from the events of 2016 - including the death of Riverside founding member Piotr Grudziński - with the new Lunatic Soul recording. Did that work?

eclipsed No. 166 / 12-2014 - 1-2015

21. January 2015

SUPERTRAMP - 40 years "Crime Of The Century"

Actually they were already dead. Even dead as a doornail. After two albums that sold as well as soap-flavoured chocolate and, according to guitarist/singer Roger Hodgson, didn't sound much better, the chapter Supertramp seemed to be over in 1971 - because everything really went wrong. The band, which at that time consisted of Kevin Currie, Frank Farrell, Dave Winthrop, Rick Davies and Hodgson, fell apart after a disastrous Scandinavian tour.

AC/DC - Temporary power outage

LUNATIC SOUL - Eclipse of the soul

27. November 2014

LUNATIC SOUL - Eclipse of the soul

He wanders between two worlds, two hearts beating in his chest. This becomes clear when Mariusz Duda answers the phone: "Hello, here is Mariusz from... ah... Lunatic Soul or Riverside". Short confusion on the Polish side of the line, followed by a short laugh on both sides. It's about Lunatic Soul this time - and about the new album, which presents itself with dark, trance-like art rock.

eclipsed: "Walking On A Flashlight Beam" is the first Lunatic-Soul album with a colored cover and a real title. Does that symbolize that you've opened a new chapter?

Mariusz Duda: I hope so. On the one hand I wanted to keep my characteristic style, on the other hand I wanted to enter new terrain. Nevertheless, the album is connected to its two predecessors. The content is something like the prehistory of the first album. It's the story of a man before his birth.

Lunatic Soul "Walking On A Flashlight Beam"

13. November 2014

Riverside mastermind Mariusz Duda is a similarly great sound visionary as Steven Wilson. While his English colleague created the playground Storm Corrosion in order to create dreamy, picture-rich sound art with Opeth guitarist Mikael Åkerfeldt, the Pole regularly escapes the harder prog of his main band on the wings of his much more filigree project Lunatic Soul.

eclipsed No. 126 / 12-2010 - 1-2011

11. April 2014


There are about 130 songs by Pink Floyd. From this pool we have selected the 50 pieces that have the most lasting effect to date. Of course, there are many more highlights among the 80 other songs the English group has written in their career. Definitely know these but you have to know them here: The 50 greatest Pink Floyd songs.

Through the other world

eclipsed No. 106 / 11-2008

10. April 2014

28.7.1943 - 15.9.2008

Richard Wright died surprisingly at the age of 65 - after a short fight against cancer. Many call him the soul of Pink Floyd, and his musicality and almost unearthly keyboard playing gave the group its unique sound. In the following we pay tribute once again to the musical merits of this exceptional artist.

Game without Borders (Part III)